Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Protein Samples

This is a work in progress and always evolving. I love my protein shakes and I can be pretty demanding! My mom has put me on a strict budget so I can only try new flavors if I find a sample. Luckily, she loves buying me samples.

Here is a list of places to find samples:

  • True Protein - Love these 30 flavors! Discount Code: MYM647
  • Nashua Nutrition - Huge variety of brands with fast shipping
  • VitaLady – Another huge variety of samples & quick shipping..
  • BariatricAdvantage – Many various samples. I love the meal replacements and they come in sturdy foil packets that travel well in your purse for a day out. ** You can also order samples of their Vitamins
  • - Gold Standard Sample – 16flavor packet samples for $18.99
  • Unjury – The basic flavors plus Chicken Soup - try something new.
  • Enjoy Health - Found an option here for 19 different samples & packages
  • BarixClinic - Nice variety of different items although I haven't tried these
  • Chike – They have a special now with a sample of all 5 flavors and you just pay $5 shipping – these are yummy!
  • - Lots of different sample packs
  • BSN Online - They have a trial kit of their lean desert flavors. Sometimes they run specials for $5 with free shipping.
  • SmartForMe - Starter Pack with various flavors for about $19

  • Nectar Syntrax - You can sample all 11 flavors for about $11 bucks including shipping. Contact Rick Davis Medical Sales Manager 1-866-333-7403 ext. 803
  • About Time - Order 2 samples for $1.99 and free shipping
  • Netrition - Variety sample pack with 14 flavors for about $18

  • Whole Foods - If you have a local store near you, they carry a lot of protein and have sample packs of various different ones. The Jay Robb brand was my favorite.

  • Champion Nutrition - You can request free samples by mailing - here are the flavors: Cookies & Cream, Cocoa Mochaccino, Tropical Sunrise, Banana Cream, Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry. If emailing doesn't work, you can buy samples here: CarbEssentials for $3.00

  • CytoSport Complete Whey - you can request free samples by emailing them at - here are the flavors: Banana Cream, Chocolate Mint Chip, Vanilla Cream, Cocoa Bean, Cookies N Creme, Strawberry-Banana

    Other Ideas:

    1. One GREAT idea is to try different flavors from GNC or Vitamin Shoppe if you have them local. They both let you try and RETURN if you don’t like it!! GNC will actually give a refund and Vitamin Shoppe normally gives you in-store credit which is really easy to spend since they have tons of stuff. Get a GNC Gold Card and get great discounts the first week of every month.

    NOTE: Vitamin Shoppe will also order items for you! I called last week to see if they carried Nectar Latte Cappuccino since they have the other Nectar flavors. They didn't have that one but offered to order it for me and call me when it got there. It arrived 3 days later!

    2. Support Groups - This is a great place to have a protein trade. I had several jugs I didn't like and I traded them for some I do.

    3. Variation - Don't like a certain powder in shake form? Try mixing it in yogurt or sugar-free pudding -- I have a few flavors I love mixed in greek yogurt, but don't like to drink.