Sunday, June 14, 2009

Don't forget your vitamins

After weight-loss surgery it is extremely important to make sure you're taking good vitamins & getting enough of everything you need. Our absorption is inhibited so we won't get by on chewable baby vitamins anymore.

Each doctor has different recommendations but there are some common vitamins they all agree on listed below. The amount you need of each will depend on your lab results.

Multi-Vitamin - Look for a good chewable vitamin that you can tolerate. I personally love the Celebrate version, but I also liked the Centrum Orange chewable which is a lot cheaper. I am spoiled and only like the best :)

Calcium Citrate - My doctor recommends 1500mg per day. Since I can only absorb about 500mg at a time, you'll need to take 500mg three times per day for the best effect. Make sure you're getting citrate and not calcium carbonate. Since it can be hard for us to swallow pills, look for a good yummy chewable! My favorite is Celebrate which is made just for pouches.

B-12 - Look for a good sublingual that dissolves under your tongue. My favorite is Solgar Cherry flavor - they melt quick and taste yummy. The Bariatric Advantage and Celebrate both seem to take forever to dissolve and don't even taste as good. My doc recommends 1000mg once a week but I take one every day.

D3 - My doctor recommends 1000IU per day. Since my Calcium and Multivitamin both have 800IU - I am getting 1600IU a day so I don't take additional D3. It's very common for people to need a lot more of this so make sure you get your labs checked often!

Iron + C - Taking iron with vitamin C helps with absorption. DO NOT take iron within 2 hours of your calcium citrate - that will hinder the absorption. I take Celebrate Grape Iron + C so I don't have to buy an extra C vitamin - its all built in and tastes yummy.

This is my vitamin schedule:
- Breakfast: Celebrate Multi-vitamin, Celebrate Calcium, B-12
- Lunch: Celebrate Calcium Plus, Sugar-Free Benefiber Chewable
- Dinner: Celebrate Multi-vitamin, Celebrate Calcium Plus, Biotin
- Bedtime: Celebrate Iron + C

These are the vitamins I use and where I buy them:
- Celebrate Multi-Vitamin, Orange - Celebrate
- Celebrate Calcium Plus - Celebrate
- Celebrate Iron + C - Celebrate
- Celebrate D3 - Celebrate
- Solgar B-12 N - Whole Foods (I buy local),

More information about vitamins:

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