Sunday, June 14, 2009

Puree & Soft Food Stage

I moved from liquid to puree after just a couple days and to soft foods a few days later. They are so similar and they sort of meld together to I listed them all together. Just remember you still have to chew to applesauce consistency!

I loved these stages and never found anything I didn't like. I never felt full but I never felt hungry either! My mom is very good about measuring and making sure she only gave me 2-4oz at meal time.

Here are the things I loved the most (and still do!)
(Note: I often use fat-free or low-fat when possible)

- Cottage Cheese with Salsa (more ideas...)
- Refried Beans with Sour Cream
- Cream Soups (watch sugar, fat, carbs)
- Ricotta Cheese with low-sugar Marinara
- Ricotta Cheese with sugar-free jam
- Pureed cooked shrimp made into salad
- Egg Custards, Flan (sugar-free)
- Scrambled Eggs, Egg Beaters (cooking spray, not butter)
- Egg Salad (no stringy raw celery)
- Greek Yogurt with various mix-ins (more ideas...)
- Carb Control Yogurt, no fruit
- Sugar-Free pudding and jello cups
- Mashed cauliflower (with cheese its better than mashed potatoes!)
- Cheesecake popsicles

Things I personally do NOT eat at all:
(Some Doctor's say these are OK - but they aren't for me... )

- Instant mashed potatos (shocked they recommend this!)
- Rice, Pasta, Oatmeal

My favorite Recipes for soft foods:
- MissMaryMac - Cheese & Dairy Recipes
- MissMaryMac - Dips & Spreads
- MissMaryMac - Soups
- MissMaryMac - Veggies & Beans (most of these are soft)

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