Sunday, June 14, 2009

Full-Food Stage

I was allowed to start trying just about anything I wanted at 3 weeks so it was an exciting and scary time. In the past, carbs were a "trigger" food for Mom so you'll see them in the "never feed Simon" list at the bottom of the page. A lot of Doctor's say these are fine but while they won't hurt you, a lot of them are mushy and will make it much easier to eat too much of them -- then it will be like I was never born at all!!

Guideliness I follow for my new meals:
- Less than 5g sugar per serving
- Less than 10g fat per serving
- Buy nothing with sugar listed in the first 5 ingredients
- Stop drinking 30 minutes before a meal
- Don't drink for 30 minutes after meal
- Don't drink during a meal!

Here are some of my favorite things:
- Turkey Roll-ups, fat-free mayo, dill pickle slice
- Trader Joe's Turkey Meatballs with various sauces
- Shrimp! I love it cold and dipped in sugar-free cocktail sauce
- Shrimp Salad with light mayo, frozen green peas, turkey bacon crumbles
- Refried Beans, Sour cream, guacamole on soy chips
- Scrambled eggs or egg-beaters with mushrooms, turkey bacon
- Grilled Scallops from Japanese Hibachi joints
- Zucchini Lasagna, Eggplant Lasagna, Eggplant Parmesan
- Egg, Chicken, Turkey, Ham, Shrimp, Crab Salad
- Crustless Quiche with ham, cheese and veggies

Snacks I enjoy that fill me right up:
- Smoked Almonds (only takes about 5-7 of them)
- Genisoy Soy Nuts (very few and I feel full again)
- Protein Shakes (yum!)

Things I do not eat - not even a bite!
- Bread, Toast (not wheat, white, or even low-carb - none)
- Buns, Rolls, Croissant
- Pancakes, Waffles
- Pasta, Rice, Brown Rice, Couscous
- Pastries, Donuts, Cake, Cupcakes
- Stringy Citrus Fruit (oranges, grapefruit)
- Stringy Veggies (raw celery)
- Fried Foods

My favorite recipes:
- MissMaryMac - Veggies & Beans

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