Sunday, June 14, 2009

Problem Foods

So far, nothing I've tried has bothered me but Mom is very careful with what I eat so a lot of the items on this list I haven't tried yet. I have been really lucky so far! We only had one "incident" where she gave me real banana pudding mix instead of sugar-free and yikes! I let her know pretty quick that I didn't like it.

So, here is a list of foods that may cause irritation:

- Bread Products, Pasta, Rice (lead bombs! ouch!)
- Cow Milk Products (a lot of pouches become lactose intolerant)
- Fatty foods and fried foods
- Candy, chocolate
- Sugary foods or beverages
- Carbonated beverages
- Bran cereal and other bran products
- Corn, whole beans, peas
- Dried fruits, Stringy fruit like oranges
- Coconut- untoasted
- Canned Tuna, Imitation Crab
- Beef, Pork (I love pork but I am iron man!)

Patients who have had any type of weight-loss surgery should avoid the following: (unless artificially sweetened)

- the stringy portion of celery, asparagus, string beans
- high caloric, high fat foods, and high caloric beverages
- Ice Cream, Popsicles, Sherberts, Sorbets
- Pudding, Jello
- Sweetened, Fruited or Frozen Yogurt
- Dried Fruit, Candied Fruit
- Canned or frozen fruit in heavy syrup
- Fruit Juice, Sports Drinks
- Carbonated Drinks
- Sugar-coated or sweetened cereal
- Cakes, Pies, Cookies, Donuts, Rolls
- Jellies, Jams, Honey, Molasses, Syrups
- Regular soft drinks/Lemonade
- High fructose corn syrup sweetened beverages
- Candy and Chocolate
- Sweetened Gelatin Desserts
- Regular Chewing Gum
- Pancakes and waffles with syrup
- Milkshakes and chocolate milk
- Sweet pickles or relish
- Rice, pasta, potatoes
- Sugared ice tea, Snapple®/fruit drinks
- Nuts, seeds, skins (includes potato skins, onion skins, fruit peelings, and the membrane between orange and grapefruit sections)

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  1. Do you know why they say no nuts? I myself decided to stop eating them because they're high in fat but I was wondering if there was another reason that you have heard?